A Letter to the Past

June 07, 2010 – Early Monday morning when the first day of classes had just started. Everybody was chatting and is excited for the next things to happen. At first, our batch was surprised when we figured out that our adviser is a man. Maybe because it’s our first time to be handled by a male adviser and it’s kind of weird and new for us. And so, it all began in that small classroom. Like the usual during first day of classes, self-introduction. For our batch, we don’t need to hear out any introduction from each of us because we already know each other and besides, we don’t have any transferee aside from those who came from the Beta section last school year. What’s more interesting for us is to know you, the man who will serve as our second father in La Trinidad Academy – Mr. Eric B. Pasion.

A slightly rigid but clever man – our first judgment. I must tell you this, Sir Eric. From that moment you’ve talked in front of us, we all knew that we’ll build a year full of exciting and memorable memories. But as time goes by, we encounter misunderstandings and problems in class. Not long ago right after the first day of classes, you got mad and angry to us because of our silly attitudes and misbehavior. We received a sermon from our dearest adviser for the very first time and that day was a very disappointing day. Yes, it is normal for a family to have some misunderstandings but life doesn’t end in a sermon and so, we continue to live by the day.

Our adjustment stage as a class is on-going. School activities and competitions are approaching and as a class, we need to and must compete. But during these activities, another misunderstanding occurred. Our foolish and childish minds made us think that you don’t love us. “Where is Sir Eric? Where is our adviser? He is supposed to be here and supporting us. We need him. We need his presence.” That is what’s running into our minds during those times. We thought that we are on our own. For that stupidity, we are asking for forgiveness. We admit it. We didn’t realize that all those times, you were on our side. We didn’t notice that you have your own way of showing your support for us. We became numb and reacted recklessly, thinking that you are not even proud of us. But then, it’s all wrong. Those accusations were false and we are terribly sorry, Sir. For that, we repay you. We tried to build happy memories with you.

One of those happy memories happened last December 15, 2010 (Wednesday) – your birthday. Did you know that during those times, we are all in panic and crazy mode? We are busy preparing for your special birthday bash. We acted normal as if there is nothing special on that day.

Well, we are the beast actors and actresses. But behind those acts, we secretly aired the balloons, made cards, buy your cake which is actually just a cupcake with several gummy worms, and prepare the sound system and everything. We even talked to some teachers begging them to let us borrow their time just for the celebration of your Natal Day. Do you still remember the whole set-up? How about the blackboard full of writings? (Ba-kiiiit, Upo na den, Dumbbell, Sir Eriiic!!, etc.) We all laughed at that very moment. And will you ever forget that funny moment when you danced?? We have a video clip of it and we used to play it whenever we miss you.

After your birthday, the next event is Christmas Party. For me, it is the best Christmas Party ever. We are all happy and enjoying our bonding moments, making another chapter to cherish forever. Days passed – JS Prom, Foundation Day, Examination Week, and now, we are getting closer to our parting time. All those gay moments suddenly changed into sorrow. We are shocked and disappointed when we’ve found out that you are planning to leave the school together with Ms. Kim Loren Dominguez. We didn’t expect for more. We wanted to keep you, but if that’ll be your decision, then we’ll let you, even if we really don’t want to.

June 06, 2011 – Start of our school year as graduating students. We are all confused because of the rumors we’ve heard. Yes, we knew that Mr. Bernard Manzano will be our adviser but we are not aware that you didn’t leave the school yet. We felt disappointed, knowing deep in ourselves that we wanted you. It became harder for us when we’ve heard that you will be the adviser of the 3rd Year Alpha – our greatest opponent in every competition. We will not forget the day that you entered our room and showed us your album full of our memories. It all made us cry. There’s guilt in our hearts for acting bitter towards you. And as time goes by, the pain just doesn’t want to cease. Do you know that it’s very painful for us to see you so happy with your new love? Yes, maybe we are selfish. We admit it. But it is only because those memories keep on haunting us.

Do you remember the program held at the Gym during the Teacher’s Day? It really broke our heart. Our tears fell as the 3rd Year Alpha students slowly walk towards you. It’s not over-reacting but we just can’t stop our tears from falling. It was supposed to be us, running towards you, saying our message, giving you the gifts and hugs. We are the one supposed to be hearing the words “I love you” from you. We are the one supposed to be taking care of you. But it seems that it’s just not meant to be.

Do you remember your birthday held at the Gym? The 3rd Year Alpha students made efforts for your grand party. We just smiled and greeted you a happy birthday. Besides, there’s nothing left for us to do but just to greet you on your special day with your new loved ones. It hurts for us. We remembered those times when you celebrated your birthday on that small room with us. Yes. We are indeed jealous. And whenever we see pictures of you with them, we become bitter, saying that we don’t care even if it really makes a great impact for us.

Now, you’ve found your new love and we are very much happy for you even if it’s very painful for us. Maybe we should be contented of what we are and what we have now. We should still be thankful that you are there who’s still silently supporting us even though you’re not our adviser anymore. We should be thankful that we are still hearing all your sermons to us. We are glad and blessed for we became your first love here in La Trinidad Academy. As what they’ve said, “First love never dies”. We will forever cherish the bonding and moments we’ve had. We will always keep the learning you’ve shared to us. Always remember that even if you’re always torturing us during Physics class and even if you’re giving us lots of projects in English, we still love you. We’ve loved you before, we still love you right now, and we will continue to love you till the end of forever. You will always be the one and only Mr. Eric B. Pasion in our hearts. ♥


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