11:11 PM

How funny… I was just scrolling around my dashboard when suddenly, I saw this picture.


There’s a smile on my face at that very moment. I started reminiscing that time. What does it mean to me? Why did it caught my eye when I saw it? Argghh.. M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S! >_<

Actually, I was really not aware of what 11:11 is. For me, ok it’s just a time. But when I got to know this person, he told me what magic 11:11 has.

This person is A.L.G. (I’ll just give his initials) I call him “koreano” and he calls me “koreana”. Definitely, we do not have the blood of Korean but that’s just a callsign between the two of us. This is the history of it. We are just textmates. And because we’re into getting-to-know mode, I asked him if we can have a callsign. At first, I thought of calling him elf (it’s E.L.F. which stands for Ever Lasting Friend). But I was shocked when he told me that it was a name of a K-pop fansclub (specifically the SuJu). I didn’t know that he loves K-pop. Not just SuJu but also Big Bang, Beast, U-kiss, SNSD, CNBlue, etc. I felt glad knowing that I’m not the only one who loves K-pop. And so, we decided to call each other as “koreano” and “koreana”.

As months passed by, we got to know each other well. He often calls me during the day or even until midnight. Sometimes, I call him too. It’s non-stop. We manage to call each other or even text all throughout the day. Actually, we started talking in a conference call until it became like that.

We started sharing our lives. He’s been story-telling me about those girls in his past while I tell him my story about “29”. Everyday we have stories to tell. But most of the time, he’s the one doing all the talk while I’m just listening and laughing at his pranks.

One night when he’s in the line, he told me, “teka lang koreana. 11:11 na! tara mag wish tayo :)” I was thinking very deeply. What’s with the time? Why do we have to make a wish? All I thought, he’s just making another prank moves. Then he talked, “oh koreana, anong ni-wish mo?” and I said, “hala! wala eh. bakit kailangan mag wish? anong meron?”. He started laughing and said, “hindi mo alam yun? kapag 11:11, dapat nagwi-wish ka kasi malaki ang chance na matupad yon. hay nako ka.” And that’s it! I learned something again. Thanks to him. 🙂 Every night, it became a routine for us. When the clock ticks at exactly 11:11, we’re making a wish. I think it’s stupid but there’s no harm in trying.

There’s more stories to tell but I guess it should just be kept between the two of us. Actually, I learned a lot from this guy. He told me a lot of things about life, friends, school, family, and L-O-V-E. He became my inspiration. One time, I called him “PAPA JACK” because he’s so good in giving advices (or maybe he’s just good in shit talking up all night. LMFAO! XD)

Until this nightmare came. We cannot understand each other anymore. There’s no thrill. No excitement. It’s getting blurry.  And I don’t know if it’s coincidence, our fate, or maybe only his alibi but when those misunderstandings came, the connection between the two of us dissappeared. His phone was lost and so he told me thru facebook that he’ll not use phones for the mean time. And there it was. BOOOM! The connection failed. It’s all lost. It vanished. It’s the end.

From that moment, I started to throw it all. I didn’t get myself updated in any K-pop songs or even in K-dramas. I also deleted AJ Rafael’s songs (which was introduced by him) in my phone. I hated Silent Sanctuary and the song Let Me Be The One (he used to sing this song when he’s still calling me before). Warcraft or DotA? Yes. I already played this game even though I really hate it because he used to play this. He even gave me cheats like iseedeadpeople, thedudeabides, thereisnospoon,etc. I cursed the song 0330 and Love Song. I also changed my phone’s password. (before it’s 73011 but now it’s *****). I hate Garfield! (he says that he’s Garfield and I’m Pooh. TSK!) My wallpaper? I already changed it. I erased that tattoo on my buto shitty thingy! Thanks to him, I learned how to trashtalk now. Well, he’s my idol. Also, I seldom listen to Papa Jack’s TLC. And lastly, I stopped wishing every 11:11pm.

There’s really a lot to forget because he gave me a lot to remember. Yeah right? Sometimes, SHTHPPNS. Nothing really is permanent except change. Everybody changes whether for good or bad. No one stays in your life FOREVER except God. Sometimes, destiny plays well. There comes this man whom you’ll love deeply. But let’s not forget that everything happens for a reason. For me, I just learned my lesson. Actually, I’m really thankful that he had the time to pass by into my life. I was not really hating him. What I really hate is our memories which I think will never ever fade away.

Well then, I think it’s too long already. I really have more to share but it can’t be written for this span of time. If you wanna know the other half of my story, then have a peak in my heart. Just kidding! 🙂 Continue following and reading my blogs. Maybe I’ll be writing its half some other time.

Bye for now. Adios amiga!


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