Play It Right!


Nobody is perfect. This is what we usually hear or say every time we commit mistakes. Yes, this is true. No one is really perfect. even so, we can play the game of life right.

Have you ever asked yourself what life is? Life begins with God. Life begins the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb. When we were infants, we weren’t aware what this world is meant to be. We did not even bother the ways things happened. But as we grew, we became more and more curious. We wanted to explore and searched for our unanswered queries.

Is life a joke? No. It is not and would never be. I believe that we humans are players of this big game called life. And as players, we must play the game right. There are rules to obey for us not to be disqualified. We must plan techniques in order to become victors of that game. We must know the consequences of every single move we take in that game and accept whatever the result will be. We must go with the flow but plan for our lives in order to survive the long battle.

There may be some times that we’ll be messing up. We may hurt the feelings of others. We may have ruined friendships or relationships that were supposed to be built up. Maybe there are times that we disobey our parents and teachers. We may have also messed things up in school. We may have questioned God at times when we suffer from hardships. We may have made a lot of mistakes. But we can all put an end to all these things by assimilating the lessons from every trial that we struggle for. Sometimes, these things even make us better individuals.

Now that we are still living, we must enjoy every single second of our lives. We are players of God’s big game, as said. We must do our best and make the most out of it while the game is not yet over. There are times that we cannot anymore carry our cross and we drop down on our knees. Do not give up. We have a companion and friend ready at all times to reach out His hands to us and waiting for us to reach his hand to. He is God.

Remember that in life, there is no turning back. Things which are made and done can never be brought back and altered. What we need to do is to learn from them, find ways for us not to commit the same mistakes again and continue playing the game right up to the time that we can anymore play because the game is over.