Human Lasallian Star! ♥

June 17, 2012 (Saturday) — Human Lasallian Star

Confirmation #: HLS-7-20014952


I am wearing a green shirt that day. There were many participants in this event. Even though the weather is not that fine, the star was still successful and I’m very proud that I’m part of the star. I was with my blockmates BSA16. It was a little sad on our part though because we’re not complete. Others were in some parts of the star. But still, it was really fun. ♥

Here’s our picture:

This is my first picture with BSA16. So much fun. After the formation, it rained really hard. We were stuck near the CEAT building and they were saying that they wanted to do ghost hunting. The guard laughed and said that there really is a ghost. HAHA!

We were planning to eat outside that time. But we end up going to and from. The others just went home while I, Maythan, Plinky, Monique & Vaughn went to the square canteen and had our dinner. We’re so hungry. LEWLS. After that, I went home already with a happy face even though I’m really tired. =))

I love you BSA16! :3 ♥