Kabataang Pinoy! (PBBTeens4)


As a teenager, I’m fond of watching. I like to watch different teleseryes in the Kapamilya Network (ABS-CBN). Then one night, during the commercial break, there’s Robi Domingo’s face flashing on screen saying that there’ll be an audition for those teenagers who want to join Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4. First I wasn’t really into it. But everytime I hear that audition thing, I always think and ask myself, “Why don’t I try? There’s no harm in trying. Just for fun.” One morning, I told my Grandma and Tita that I want to take the audition. At first, they thought that  I was just kidding. But when I asked for my NSO Birth Certificate, they realized that I wasn’t joking at all. I called my cousin, Sang Paek Lee, to inform him about the audition. He laughed and told me, “Are you serious?! There’s tons of people going! I don’t want to fall in a very long line. And besides, we have classes! The audition is on Friday!” Well, I became quite disappointed. But in the end, I won! They all agreed in my plan of joining the said audition.

January 06, 2012 — It’s still dark when I and my Tita woke up and prepared for it. At the bus, I was surprised when a schoolmate of mine, Maureen Camana, was also on that bus together with her mother. She said she’ll be trying her luck. We took our separate ways when we’ve headed in Baclaran. We took a Taxi in heading to MoA. It was a really fun experience. At first, we thought that we’re first in line because there’s not yet a single person on the area realizing that we’re not on the right place. But we were like OH MY GOSH! when we saw those hundreads or even thousands of teenagers in the line.

Then it started. We were in the line while waiting for my other Tita and cousin. A sticker was given to me and was to be placed in the left part of the chest. There was also a sheet of paper to be accomplished. In the form, there were terms and conditions stated and some personal questions to be answered.

Going into a national audition was really hard. It needs a lot of sacrifice to do. First, we were not able to attend our class in school. Second is the sacrifice of waiting. Third is the CR. Yes the CR. There were only 2 portalets (Portable Toilets) for almost 5 thousand teens (their guardians were not counted).

When the mall opened at exactly 9 am, we went to Jollibee in order to eat. We got really really really hungry. Inside the mall, teenagers who’ll be taking the audition is everywhere. You can them in some food chains, at the bay side, or even in the stairs. We waited for so long. Imagine, we arrived at exactly 4 am but we were called past 5 pm. P.S : My number is 02343 out of 5 thousand + auditionees.

And here is the most funny and a little insulting thing. First 20 people in the line were called to enter the small airconditioned tent. As we enter, a man is getting our forms. Then, we took a group picture. The woman talked, “Alright. What is your motto in life? You can either answer it in english or tagalog.” Everybody’s face poked. As one is speaking, the other were nervous. We all did a great job except for the 2 people who wasn’t able to give a motto.

It was a little bit weird because while we’re saying our motto in life, the staffs inside the tent were laughing as if everything’s just a joke. When all of us were finished talking, they told us to wait outside. While we’re waiting, a girl went out of the tent with a sticker. And in our batch, there’s only 1 person who made it. We were traumatized at that minute. Our eyes met and laughed hard. One of our batchmates said, “Ano toh?! isang malaking joke? Joke time lang?!” HAHAHA. And unfortunately, it ended that way.

For me, I don’t have any hard feelings. At first, I didn’t take the audition seriously. I know that out of all those people, I have a slight chance of entering Bahay ni Kuya. It was really nice and fun having that great experience. Actually, it’s my first time and I’m happy that I’ve accomplished something like that in my early age. For sure, it’ll be a story to tell for my future family. 🙂