Top 10 Fitness Myths

The Olympics Opening Ceremonies begin this Friday in London, which will also kick off more than two weeks of you sitting on the couch watching people with the world’s best bodies compete for the gold. Reinvigorate your exercise regimen with StumbleUpon so you feel at least somewhat up to par with these athletes, and keep the myths below in mind so you don’t veer off track:

Myth #1 – You need to join a gym to get fit. Not everyone is a gym person, and that’s perfectly ok. Read this Lifehacker article to learn how to get a full body workout with nothing but your body.

Myth #2 – Yoga is for everyone. Yoga can yield great results, but don’t assume you can do every position. Some bodies just aren’t built for yoga’s challenging poses.

Myth #3 – You need to drink a ton of water when you exercise. Athletes may actually be more in danger of overhydration than dehydration, says one study.

Myth #4 – Running very long distances is good for your heart. Maybe it feels like anyone is up for a marathon these days, but keep in mind that extreme running can actually be bad for your heart and can be too much of a good thing.

Myth #5 – You should eat during your workout. Love those GU gels? It doesn’t help for workouts shorter than a couple hours, according to some experts .

Myth #6 – Egg yolks are bad for you. Been missing your fried eggs sunny side up? The fat in egg yolks help to reduce LDL, or the bad cholesterol, and eating eggs won’t affect your cholesterol balance. But cholesterol can actually provide other health benefits too, like brain repair, says one study. Of course you should always check with your doctor before changing your cholesterol intake if you have a medical history or concern.

Myth #7 – If women lift heavy weights, they’ll look too much like men. Not true, since women don’t have the same level of testosterone as men.

Myth #8 – You can lose weight just by exercising more. Experts say that diet and exercise are both key to losing weight, although good habits in one area can influence your behavior in the other.

Myth #9 – Drinking water can help you lose weight. Evidence for the idea that drinking lots of water flushes toxins from your body that keep you from being lean is slim. Drinking water also doesn’t make you less hungry.

Myth #10 – Stretching before working out is crucial. Experts are now saying that stretching is more important post-workout than beforehand.


Human Lasallian Star! ♥

June 17, 2012 (Saturday) — Human Lasallian Star

Confirmation #: HLS-7-20014952


I am wearing a green shirt that day. There were many participants in this event. Even though the weather is not that fine, the star was still successful and I’m very proud that I’m part of the star. I was with my blockmates BSA16. It was a little sad on our part though because we’re not complete. Others were in some parts of the star. But still, it was really fun. ♥

Here’s our picture:

This is my first picture with BSA16. So much fun. After the formation, it rained really hard. We were stuck near the CEAT building and they were saying that they wanted to do ghost hunting. The guard laughed and said that there really is a ghost. HAHA!

We were planning to eat outside that time. But we end up going to and from. The others just went home while I, Maythan, Plinky, Monique & Vaughn went to the square canteen and had our dinner. We’re so hungry. LEWLS. After that, I went home already with a happy face even though I’m really tired. =))

I love you BSA16! :3 ♥

Being a Lasallian

High school life has ended and I’m now on a new journey. College life awaits. I really never though that time would be so fast. I graduated as the Salutatorian in our school and that makes all the pressure that I’m feeling right now. Of course, I’ll be having blockmates who’s more intelligent and witty than me. There’ll be expectations that I have to meet. Many dilemma will I face in the near future.

May 29-30, 2012 — My first 2 days in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas as a Lasallian. This is our Intro class. All freshman students is required to attend the Intro class as it is stated even if it has 0 units. We stayed in the ULS or Ugnayang La Salle to watch the video of the History of St. John Baptist De La Salle. I got bored as time passes and I’m sure everyone does. Finally, it ended. But it was in our great shock that we’ll be having our first class that day. We went to the building of Criminal Justice and started the orientation.

I saw those face.. the faces of my blockmates. It was very awkward because we don’t know each other and no one is talking. The room is very silent except for Ms. Beng, our proctor, who’s doing all the talk in front. We had a little conversation with her then she lets us have our lunch first then come back at 1 pm.

As I walked out of the room, I saw this one girl named Maejay. She’s one of my blockmates. I waved my hand and we had a talk. We went at 7/eleven to buy a pen then we went back and ate a cookie in the Animo Shop. After that, we went back to the room and to our surprise, some of our blockmates are already there but the atmosphere is “kruu kruu kruu” still in big silence. Everything that day is very awkward.

The next day, I experienced walking really fast trying not to be late. As I arrive, everybody was copying for the assignment that was given to us. It was a bit funny to think that it’s just the 2nd day but we already did the copying assignments thing. HAHA! We had some sharing and short-film viewing. That day, some of my classmates stand out. Ana Katrina showed her friendliness to everybody, Oliver showed his true colors, and Dianica as the intelligent one. We are still in the long way to know everyone much better.

The Intro class ended and it left us excitement for our next meeting. That day would be on June 13, 2012 (Wednesday), our first formal class as La Sallian students. ♥

Kabataang Pinoy! (PBBTeens4)


As a teenager, I’m fond of watching. I like to watch different teleseryes in the Kapamilya Network (ABS-CBN). Then one night, during the commercial break, there’s Robi Domingo’s face flashing on screen saying that there’ll be an audition for those teenagers who want to join Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4. First I wasn’t really into it. But everytime I hear that audition thing, I always think and ask myself, “Why don’t I try? There’s no harm in trying. Just for fun.” One morning, I told my Grandma and Tita that I want to take the audition. At first, they thought that  I was just kidding. But when I asked for my NSO Birth Certificate, they realized that I wasn’t joking at all. I called my cousin, Sang Paek Lee, to inform him about the audition. He laughed and told me, “Are you serious?! There’s tons of people going! I don’t want to fall in a very long line. And besides, we have classes! The audition is on Friday!” Well, I became quite disappointed. But in the end, I won! They all agreed in my plan of joining the said audition.

January 06, 2012 — It’s still dark when I and my Tita woke up and prepared for it. At the bus, I was surprised when a schoolmate of mine, Maureen Camana, was also on that bus together with her mother. She said she’ll be trying her luck. We took our separate ways when we’ve headed in Baclaran. We took a Taxi in heading to MoA. It was a really fun experience. At first, we thought that we’re first in line because there’s not yet a single person on the area realizing that we’re not on the right place. But we were like OH MY GOSH! when we saw those hundreads or even thousands of teenagers in the line.

Then it started. We were in the line while waiting for my other Tita and cousin. A sticker was given to me and was to be placed in the left part of the chest. There was also a sheet of paper to be accomplished. In the form, there were terms and conditions stated and some personal questions to be answered.

Going into a national audition was really hard. It needs a lot of sacrifice to do. First, we were not able to attend our class in school. Second is the sacrifice of waiting. Third is the CR. Yes the CR. There were only 2 portalets (Portable Toilets) for almost 5 thousand teens (their guardians were not counted).

When the mall opened at exactly 9 am, we went to Jollibee in order to eat. We got really really really hungry. Inside the mall, teenagers who’ll be taking the audition is everywhere. You can them in some food chains, at the bay side, or even in the stairs. We waited for so long. Imagine, we arrived at exactly 4 am but we were called past 5 pm. P.S : My number is 02343 out of 5 thousand + auditionees.

And here is the most funny and a little insulting thing. First 20 people in the line were called to enter the small airconditioned tent. As we enter, a man is getting our forms. Then, we took a group picture. The woman talked, “Alright. What is your motto in life? You can either answer it in english or tagalog.” Everybody’s face poked. As one is speaking, the other were nervous. We all did a great job except for the 2 people who wasn’t able to give a motto.

It was a little bit weird because while we’re saying our motto in life, the staffs inside the tent were laughing as if everything’s just a joke. When all of us were finished talking, they told us to wait outside. While we’re waiting, a girl went out of the tent with a sticker. And in our batch, there’s only 1 person who made it. We were traumatized at that minute. Our eyes met and laughed hard. One of our batchmates said, “Ano toh?! isang malaking joke? Joke time lang?!” HAHAHA. And unfortunately, it ended that way.

For me, I don’t have any hard feelings. At first, I didn’t take the audition seriously. I know that out of all those people, I have a slight chance of entering Bahay ni Kuya. It was really nice and fun having that great experience. Actually, it’s my first time and I’m happy that I’ve accomplished something like that in my early age. For sure, it’ll be a story to tell for my future family. 🙂

Top 10 Strangest Phenomena of the Mind

1. Deja Vu

Deja vu is an experience of having seen or experienced a new situation previously. It feels like if the event has already happened before. The experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of paradox or bizarre. The “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a constant feeling that it really has happened in the past.

2. Deja Vecu

Deja vecu is what most people experience when they think they are having a deja vu. Deja vu is when one has a feeling that he has seen something before, whereas deja vecu is an experience of having seen an event before, but with great detail as to recognize the smells and sounds. This also is usually accompanied by a very strong sense of knowledge about what will happen next.

3. Deja Senti

Deja senti is a phenomenon of having already felt something. The phrase “I have felt it before” perfectly captures deja senti. It is only a mental phenomenon and seldom remains in our memory later. Many epileptic patients often experience deja senti.

4. Deja Visite

Deja visite is a less common experience and includes an unexplained knowledge of a new place. For example, you may know the location around you (a new city or a landscape) although you have never been there before.

5. Jamais Vu

Jamais Vu describes a familiar situation that we do not recognize. It is often considered to be the opposite phenomenon of deja vu. The observer does not recognize the situation although it is known that he has experienced it before.

6. Presque Vu

Presque Vu is very similar to the feeling in the “tip of the tongue”. When someone is ready to say something but his brain gets stuck and a word does not come out.

7. L’esprit de l’escalier

L’esprit de l’escalier is when a smart thought comes to you when it is too late.

8. Capgras Delusion

Capgras Delusion is a phenomenon when a person believes that a close friend or a family member has been replaced with an identically looking one. This illusion is often met in people with schizophrenia.

9. Fregoli Delusion

Fregoli Delusion is a rare brain phenomenon which makes a person believe that different people are the same person in various disguises.

10. Prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia is a phenomenon in which a person is unable to recognize faces of people or objects he knows. People who have this disorder are usually able to use the other senses to identify individuals, such as the person’s perfume, the sound of his voice or his hairstyle.

Play It Right!


Nobody is perfect. This is what we usually hear or say every time we commit mistakes. Yes, this is true. No one is really perfect. even so, we can play the game of life right.

Have you ever asked yourself what life is? Life begins with God. Life begins the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb. When we were infants, we weren’t aware what this world is meant to be. We did not even bother the ways things happened. But as we grew, we became more and more curious. We wanted to explore and searched for our unanswered queries.

Is life a joke? No. It is not and would never be. I believe that we humans are players of this big game called life. And as players, we must play the game right. There are rules to obey for us not to be disqualified. We must plan techniques in order to become victors of that game. We must know the consequences of every single move we take in that game and accept whatever the result will be. We must go with the flow but plan for our lives in order to survive the long battle.

There may be some times that we’ll be messing up. We may hurt the feelings of others. We may have ruined friendships or relationships that were supposed to be built up. Maybe there are times that we disobey our parents and teachers. We may have also messed things up in school. We may have questioned God at times when we suffer from hardships. We may have made a lot of mistakes. But we can all put an end to all these things by assimilating the lessons from every trial that we struggle for. Sometimes, these things even make us better individuals.

Now that we are still living, we must enjoy every single second of our lives. We are players of God’s big game, as said. We must do our best and make the most out of it while the game is not yet over. There are times that we cannot anymore carry our cross and we drop down on our knees. Do not give up. We have a companion and friend ready at all times to reach out His hands to us and waiting for us to reach his hand to. He is God.

Remember that in life, there is no turning back. Things which are made and done can never be brought back and altered. What we need to do is to learn from them, find ways for us not to commit the same mistakes again and continue playing the game right up to the time that we can anymore play because the game is over.

A Letter to the Past

June 07, 2010 – Early Monday morning when the first day of classes had just started. Everybody was chatting and is excited for the next things to happen. At first, our batch was surprised when we figured out that our adviser is a man. Maybe because it’s our first time to be handled by a male adviser and it’s kind of weird and new for us. And so, it all began in that small classroom. Like the usual during first day of classes, self-introduction. For our batch, we don’t need to hear out any introduction from each of us because we already know each other and besides, we don’t have any transferee aside from those who came from the Beta section last school year. What’s more interesting for us is to know you, the man who will serve as our second father in La Trinidad Academy – Mr. Eric B. Pasion.

A slightly rigid but clever man – our first judgment. I must tell you this, Sir Eric. From that moment you’ve talked in front of us, we all knew that we’ll build a year full of exciting and memorable memories. But as time goes by, we encounter misunderstandings and problems in class. Not long ago right after the first day of classes, you got mad and angry to us because of our silly attitudes and misbehavior. We received a sermon from our dearest adviser for the very first time and that day was a very disappointing day. Yes, it is normal for a family to have some misunderstandings but life doesn’t end in a sermon and so, we continue to live by the day.

Our adjustment stage as a class is on-going. School activities and competitions are approaching and as a class, we need to and must compete. But during these activities, another misunderstanding occurred. Our foolish and childish minds made us think that you don’t love us. “Where is Sir Eric? Where is our adviser? He is supposed to be here and supporting us. We need him. We need his presence.” That is what’s running into our minds during those times. We thought that we are on our own. For that stupidity, we are asking for forgiveness. We admit it. We didn’t realize that all those times, you were on our side. We didn’t notice that you have your own way of showing your support for us. We became numb and reacted recklessly, thinking that you are not even proud of us. But then, it’s all wrong. Those accusations were false and we are terribly sorry, Sir. For that, we repay you. We tried to build happy memories with you.

One of those happy memories happened last December 15, 2010 (Wednesday) – your birthday. Did you know that during those times, we are all in panic and crazy mode? We are busy preparing for your special birthday bash. We acted normal as if there is nothing special on that day.

Well, we are the beast actors and actresses. But behind those acts, we secretly aired the balloons, made cards, buy your cake which is actually just a cupcake with several gummy worms, and prepare the sound system and everything. We even talked to some teachers begging them to let us borrow their time just for the celebration of your Natal Day. Do you still remember the whole set-up? How about the blackboard full of writings? (Ba-kiiiit, Upo na den, Dumbbell, Sir Eriiic!!, etc.) We all laughed at that very moment. And will you ever forget that funny moment when you danced?? We have a video clip of it and we used to play it whenever we miss you.

After your birthday, the next event is Christmas Party. For me, it is the best Christmas Party ever. We are all happy and enjoying our bonding moments, making another chapter to cherish forever. Days passed – JS Prom, Foundation Day, Examination Week, and now, we are getting closer to our parting time. All those gay moments suddenly changed into sorrow. We are shocked and disappointed when we’ve found out that you are planning to leave the school together with Ms. Kim Loren Dominguez. We didn’t expect for more. We wanted to keep you, but if that’ll be your decision, then we’ll let you, even if we really don’t want to.

June 06, 2011 – Start of our school year as graduating students. We are all confused because of the rumors we’ve heard. Yes, we knew that Mr. Bernard Manzano will be our adviser but we are not aware that you didn’t leave the school yet. We felt disappointed, knowing deep in ourselves that we wanted you. It became harder for us when we’ve heard that you will be the adviser of the 3rd Year Alpha – our greatest opponent in every competition. We will not forget the day that you entered our room and showed us your album full of our memories. It all made us cry. There’s guilt in our hearts for acting bitter towards you. And as time goes by, the pain just doesn’t want to cease. Do you know that it’s very painful for us to see you so happy with your new love? Yes, maybe we are selfish. We admit it. But it is only because those memories keep on haunting us.

Do you remember the program held at the Gym during the Teacher’s Day? It really broke our heart. Our tears fell as the 3rd Year Alpha students slowly walk towards you. It’s not over-reacting but we just can’t stop our tears from falling. It was supposed to be us, running towards you, saying our message, giving you the gifts and hugs. We are the one supposed to be hearing the words “I love you” from you. We are the one supposed to be taking care of you. But it seems that it’s just not meant to be.

Do you remember your birthday held at the Gym? The 3rd Year Alpha students made efforts for your grand party. We just smiled and greeted you a happy birthday. Besides, there’s nothing left for us to do but just to greet you on your special day with your new loved ones. It hurts for us. We remembered those times when you celebrated your birthday on that small room with us. Yes. We are indeed jealous. And whenever we see pictures of you with them, we become bitter, saying that we don’t care even if it really makes a great impact for us.

Now, you’ve found your new love and we are very much happy for you even if it’s very painful for us. Maybe we should be contented of what we are and what we have now. We should still be thankful that you are there who’s still silently supporting us even though you’re not our adviser anymore. We should be thankful that we are still hearing all your sermons to us. We are glad and blessed for we became your first love here in La Trinidad Academy. As what they’ve said, “First love never dies”. We will forever cherish the bonding and moments we’ve had. We will always keep the learning you’ve shared to us. Always remember that even if you’re always torturing us during Physics class and even if you’re giving us lots of projects in English, we still love you. We’ve loved you before, we still love you right now, and we will continue to love you till the end of forever. You will always be the one and only Mr. Eric B. Pasion in our hearts. ♥

11:11 PM

How funny… I was just scrolling around my dashboard when suddenly, I saw this picture.


There’s a smile on my face at that very moment. I started reminiscing that time. What does it mean to me? Why did it caught my eye when I saw it? Argghh.. M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S! >_<

Actually, I was really not aware of what 11:11 is. For me, ok it’s just a time. But when I got to know this person, he told me what magic 11:11 has.

This person is A.L.G. (I’ll just give his initials) I call him “koreano” and he calls me “koreana”. Definitely, we do not have the blood of Korean but that’s just a callsign between the two of us. This is the history of it. We are just textmates. And because we’re into getting-to-know mode, I asked him if we can have a callsign. At first, I thought of calling him elf (it’s E.L.F. which stands for Ever Lasting Friend). But I was shocked when he told me that it was a name of a K-pop fansclub (specifically the SuJu). I didn’t know that he loves K-pop. Not just SuJu but also Big Bang, Beast, U-kiss, SNSD, CNBlue, etc. I felt glad knowing that I’m not the only one who loves K-pop. And so, we decided to call each other as “koreano” and “koreana”.

As months passed by, we got to know each other well. He often calls me during the day or even until midnight. Sometimes, I call him too. It’s non-stop. We manage to call each other or even text all throughout the day. Actually, we started talking in a conference call until it became like that.

We started sharing our lives. He’s been story-telling me about those girls in his past while I tell him my story about “29”. Everyday we have stories to tell. But most of the time, he’s the one doing all the talk while I’m just listening and laughing at his pranks.

One night when he’s in the line, he told me, “teka lang koreana. 11:11 na! tara mag wish tayo :)” I was thinking very deeply. What’s with the time? Why do we have to make a wish? All I thought, he’s just making another prank moves. Then he talked, “oh koreana, anong ni-wish mo?” and I said, “hala! wala eh. bakit kailangan mag wish? anong meron?”. He started laughing and said, “hindi mo alam yun? kapag 11:11, dapat nagwi-wish ka kasi malaki ang chance na matupad yon. hay nako ka.” And that’s it! I learned something again. Thanks to him. 🙂 Every night, it became a routine for us. When the clock ticks at exactly 11:11, we’re making a wish. I think it’s stupid but there’s no harm in trying.

There’s more stories to tell but I guess it should just be kept between the two of us. Actually, I learned a lot from this guy. He told me a lot of things about life, friends, school, family, and L-O-V-E. He became my inspiration. One time, I called him “PAPA JACK” because he’s so good in giving advices (or maybe he’s just good in shit talking up all night. LMFAO! XD)

Until this nightmare came. We cannot understand each other anymore. There’s no thrill. No excitement. It’s getting blurry.  And I don’t know if it’s coincidence, our fate, or maybe only his alibi but when those misunderstandings came, the connection between the two of us dissappeared. His phone was lost and so he told me thru facebook that he’ll not use phones for the mean time. And there it was. BOOOM! The connection failed. It’s all lost. It vanished. It’s the end.

From that moment, I started to throw it all. I didn’t get myself updated in any K-pop songs or even in K-dramas. I also deleted AJ Rafael’s songs (which was introduced by him) in my phone. I hated Silent Sanctuary and the song Let Me Be The One (he used to sing this song when he’s still calling me before). Warcraft or DotA? Yes. I already played this game even though I really hate it because he used to play this. He even gave me cheats like iseedeadpeople, thedudeabides, thereisnospoon,etc. I cursed the song 0330 and Love Song. I also changed my phone’s password. (before it’s 73011 but now it’s *****). I hate Garfield! (he says that he’s Garfield and I’m Pooh. TSK!) My wallpaper? I already changed it. I erased that tattoo on my buto shitty thingy! Thanks to him, I learned how to trashtalk now. Well, he’s my idol. Also, I seldom listen to Papa Jack’s TLC. And lastly, I stopped wishing every 11:11pm.

There’s really a lot to forget because he gave me a lot to remember. Yeah right? Sometimes, SHTHPPNS. Nothing really is permanent except change. Everybody changes whether for good or bad. No one stays in your life FOREVER except God. Sometimes, destiny plays well. There comes this man whom you’ll love deeply. But let’s not forget that everything happens for a reason. For me, I just learned my lesson. Actually, I’m really thankful that he had the time to pass by into my life. I was not really hating him. What I really hate is our memories which I think will never ever fade away.

Well then, I think it’s too long already. I really have more to share but it can’t be written for this span of time. If you wanna know the other half of my story, then have a peak in my heart. Just kidding! 🙂 Continue following and reading my blogs. Maybe I’ll be writing its half some other time.

Bye for now. Adios amiga!

Starting All Over Again

It’s me, Jane. I’m currently working on my posts. I decided to create an account here in WordPress because it’s more convenient to use this than Tumblr. But I’m still checking on my Tumblr account though. I just don’t know how to start because the dates were not updated. Anyways, it doesn’t matter for as long as the contents of my stories and articles will be posted here. I hope more reader will follow and like my blog. Thanks! 🙂



— Jane ♥